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Orthodontic treatment throughout the teenage years is proven to achieve some of the best results in the most efficient timeframe and is the age when the majority of orthodontic cases are performed. This is because the adult teeth have newly erupted allowing them to be effectively moulded into their prime position.

However at Mountains Orthodontics we understand that this is also a time when orthodontic treatment can raise a number of social and personal concerns amongst patients.

Below we have outlined some of the most common and popular options for orthodontic treatment among teenagers and adolescents.

Treatment Options

At Mountains Orthodontics we have extensive experience in Invisalign cases and are easily able to comprehensive assess your orthodontic issues to determine if you are an effective Invisalign candidate.

Click here to explore or Invisalign page to find out more about how it works, what to expect and what’s involved.

Esthetic Braces

Esthetic braces are the perfect option for patients who desire a straighter smile but are concerned with how braces will affect their appearance and presentation. Esthetic or clear braces work the same was as their metal counterparts, but utilise crystal-clear brackets instead of metal ones. They are an excellent alternative for patients who want are more aesthetically conscious but are not a candidate for clear alignment processes such as Invisalign.

Made of polycrystalline alumina esthetic braces not only blend with the natural colour of your teeth but are also more comfortable on your lips and cheeks. Moreover, clear braces won’t stain or discolour throughout your treatment so your smile will remain look natural throughout your treatment

Metal braces are the most common form of orthodontics. Small metal brackets are bonded to your tooth with a wire passing through, connecting them. This wire is tightly held to the brackets with small rubber bands. These bands are offered in a range of colours to suit you or can be metal coloured, which is the most discreet. Metal braces are the strongest from of braces and can withstand most types of treatment. As the most popular form of orthodontics they are also the most inexpensive.

Caring for your braces:

To ensure that your braces have the maximum impact and achieve your goal of a straight, bright smile ensure to follow the guidelines and instructions that your orthodontist gives you. Regular brushing, flossing and avoiding hard, sticky or chewy foods all help to keep oral hygiene at its best and your braces healthy. However, it is also important to thoroughly clean your braces after every meal, paying particular attention to the gum line. Regular use of fluoride rinse ensures they remain sterile and clean. To ensure your braces retain their colour and appearance it is important to avoid soft drink, sports drinks and strong coloured food as they can cause discolouration. Finally, if you follow these instructions, faithfully wear your elastics and attend your regular appointment you treatment should finish on time with excellent results.

How they feel:

Following the braces initial placement patients may experience short term pressure and some possible tenderness in the teeth. A non-prescription pain medication can be taken to control this initial discomfort. Eating softer foods and cutting food into smaller pieces is recommended for the first week as you mouth adjusts. The braces may initially cause some irritation to the inside of your cheeks or lips which can be treated through an application of the orthodontic wax on the braces causing the discomfort. A topical anaesthetic cream an also be applied to any irritate areas. Mountains Orthdontics also recommends rinsing with warm salt water, as this is very soothing, and cleansing for your mouth.

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