Using the latest in technology, our iTero scanner records extremely accurate photgraphs of your teeth and jaws. This creates a high quality digital impression without the use of traditional xrays and messy materials.

The iTero scanner uses optical scanning technology to digitally capture the shape of your teeth and gums. It takes images from all angles of the teeth to create a full, 360 degree image. The images are then laced together to create the 3D image which can be viewed on the computer screen as it is being created.

The electronic file of your 3D image or digital impression is then sent directly to the Invisalign team. This high quality image guarantees a perfect fit for your aligners and saves time in manufacturing.

Our staff are professionally trained to use the iTero scanner and we find that our patients are delighted with the comfort and ease of the scan. This process eliminates the use of traditional and labour intense impression materials.

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