Dr Ben PillarOrthodontics is not just for kids and teens, many adults have either developed bite issues or perhaps had their condition left untreated from a young age. Many of our adult patients have been wanting to resolve their orthodontic issues for some time but have been reluctant to undergo treatment due to the visibility of braces and time they take. It is for this reason that we work to tailor an orthodontic treatment plan just for you.

Why get orthodontic treatment?

  • The teeth are not fitting together correctly due to bite issues.
  • Crowded or spaced teeth. This can also lead to gum disease, or tooth decay.
  • Crooked teeth, including symptoms such as pain or pressure on the jaw.
  • Cosmetic/aesthetic reasons.

Adults are also more likely than children to encounter gum recession and even loss of bone, due to gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease. Adults also have different conditions and risk factors than both children and teens, which is why we carefully assess and treat our adult patients.

Treatment options

We have a range of treatment options, including ceramic braces and Invisalign (clear aligner therapy). Our orthodontist will carefully assess your needs & work with you to tailor an individual treatment plan during your initial consultation.

To book an initial consultation, simply Contact Us.

Convenient Location

Our practice is a brief drive away from Penrith, making it a hassle-free option for families and individuals seeking top-quality orthodontic care without the challenges of city parking. You’ll find ample parking space at our clinic, allowing for a stress-free visit every time.

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